What does a Product Manager do?

And why you should add one.

Product Manager


By Jorge García

Ilustration: Daniel Chávez


If you plan to launch a product or you are in the process of doing so, you should consider having a Product Manager, since their purpose is the successful operation of products or services, going from the moment they are created and launched on the market, until they disappear, obtaining as the maximum sales profit as possible.

At first, a PM may seem "not necessary," but as the product develops, you'll see how it transforms into an great element, being able:

  • To know the company's sector: customers, competition, opportunities, weaknesses, etc.

  • To identify a target audience, as well as their needs.

  • To know how to prioritize the demands of the clients.

  • To say NO to requests that don’t fit the conditions of the product.

  • To know how to solve the obstacles that emerge during the process.

  • And guide the production of the product in order to obtain a successful result.

Sometimes, there are products and services that seem like a great submission, but they don’t met the expectations, because they forget to understand the real needs of the clients.
Product Manager

Thus, PM avoids deviating from the initial goal, and with full knowledge of the industry in which it competes, they achieve:

  • Develop well-planned strategies;

  • facilitate decision making;;

  • overcoming obstacles;

  • and direct the work force towards a common end.

Source: Josh Anon & Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, "The Product Book: How become a great Project Manager", 2nd edition, Ed. Product School, U.S.A, 2017