Apple helps you distribute your app

How to easily distribute your app with Apple.

Apple helps you distribute your app

Por Jorge Gracía

Diseño: Daniel Chávez

Diseño: Daniel Chávez


Digital tools optimize performance. That is why some IT companies venture to create applications that meet that need; however, they may find it difficult to distribute their project. But Apple offers the following solutions.

Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager

While the App Store is aimed at users in general; Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager are aimed at businesses and academia, respectively.

This is where institutions can find useful applications available for volume download. This makes it easier for companies to distribute their app and market it.

How to upload your app to Apple.

Customized App

You can create an app that meets specific needs, either for an entire company or a specific area. And in this option, the code and intellectual property rights belong to its developer.

The advantage of this model is that the app can be offered through the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, where the creator of the app chooses who can view and download the application. Thus the institution, the area and the user can easily implement, through Apple.

How to distribute my application privately.

Discounts for mass downloads

If you wish to market an app, Apple offers the option to offer the app to businesses and academia at a 50% discount, as long as they purchase at least 20 units.

Through this offer, it is more attractive and easier for other companies to access a new app, thus improving it’s creator’s chances of success. And although at first it may be uncomfortable to offer your app for half price, keep in mind that this option makes it easier to get new customers, who in turn may recommend your app to others.

How to set a price for an application.

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