What do we do?

Based in San Diego and Mexico City, Dresden Partners offers InformationTechnology Near-Shore Staffing as well as
International and Local Tech Sourcing.

We have over 9 years of experience providing near-shore solutions in Mexico and the US, attracting and retaining IT Talent as well as providing custom-made tech solutions for our clients’ specific needs.
Nearshoring to Dresden Partners in Mexico, represents an opportunity to better allocate resources for any company seeking cost-effective solutions in a timely manner.

By taking advantage of our geographic, time zone, cultural, and economic proximity our clients have access to the highest quality tech professionals and cost efficient IT solutions maximizing their return on technology investments. At Dresden Partners, we make sure that our clients’ main concerns are satisfied when considering outsourcing a project or an IT position (see our recent market survey).

In a recent US market survey, we asked our current and potential customers two strategic questions. We can summarize
their answers as follows:


We help you in your challenge in software project management development

In terms of talent, there is a lack of good employees at a reasonable cost, and long distance management of off-shore developers is very challenging. There is never enough time/personnel to complete projects within budget.

Tech skills in Java Android, Php WordPress and ASP .Net provided by Dresden Partners

Nearshore outsourcing staffing and talent headhunter

More technical resource personnel for development work with rates substantially lower than US developers, with timelier turnaround times. Have a good combination of speed with quality.

Nearshore talent management proximity in Mexico thanks to Dresden Partners