How can Dresden make Near Shore staffing work for you:

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Skill, Competence and Productivity don’t always go hand in hand. That is, unless you are looking at all three when you make a selection. That’s what we do and it positively affects all of the important metrics that contribute to success. Dresden has a large and growing pool of highly skilled technical talent in Mexico and the US. We utilize the same technologies and tools as US based organizations at significantly lower cost.

Scrum teamwork with agile project management and methodology




In today’s competitive and economically challenging business environment, companies do not have unlimited capital to invest, even in critical projects. Dresden’s lower cost structure allows uncompromised project structures that meet the goals and timelines within budget constraints. Fluent English language ability is one of many pre-requisites we have for hiring. We can maintain a very low labor cost structure without compromising ability and performance.

Mexico tech nearshore competitive advantage and proximity with Dresden Partners




Projects rarely start on time, but end dates almost never change. In most cases, clients find themselves behind as soon as they begin. Our experience tells us that one of the few things that can be changed to address this are resources. We are large enough to take on large projects, but small enough to be responsive.

Dresden Partners is expert in staff management and visa creation allowing staff proximity




We believe that quality must be defined, up front, as an integral part of the specifications and deliverables. We have tried and true process is that we have developed over our decade in this business to insure all quality goals are met. In most cases, necessary changes over the duration of the project can be addressed, without compromising quality or time.

The Dresden Partners quality assurance


Project Management


Although overall Project Leadership and Direction should always be client driven, Dresden can provide experienced dedicated Project Managers, on site or remote, so that focus can be maintained. In our experience, much of the work that determines success or failure of the project is done up front.

That includes a clear determination of the quantity and capability of the members to accomplish the goals in the required time frame. Communication must be encouraged and work flow managed. Dresden has been through this process many times and we know how to get it done right.

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